Keiko Maeda in Tokyo by Anders Edström

Keiko Maeda in Tokyo by Anders Edström


"Buildings like crystal / Walls of translucent glass / Sheer glass blocks sheathing a steel grill / No gothic branch: no Acanthus leaf: no recollection of the plant world / A mineral kingdom." That was how architectural illustrator Hugh Ferriss visualized the built environment of the future in his 1929 book "The Metropolis of Tomorrow"... The same year, Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi discussed the possibility of a world without shadows." - Cameron Allan McKean

The Solar Garden was a Cosmic Wonder clothing project that ran from 2010 until 2014. The project was developed around the concept of harmonious coexistence with nature. These quiet portraits of a woman wearing Solar Garden clothing were taken in Kyoto, between 2011 and 2012, by Anders Edström.

As of 2014, Cosmic Wonder has taken another step in its evolution by exploring ways of circumventing existing manufacturing practices with alternative methods of production. Guided by the gentle light at the root of the universe, Cosmic Wonder extends its activities deeper into the roots of life.

Edition of 500. Softcover. 21.6 x 27.9 cm. 56 pages. 40 color plates. An essay by Japan-based critic and editor Cameron Allan McKean.

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